Tease and Denial Gallery

I’m in charge.

Of everything. Period. What I say goes with no arguing from you.

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Get over here, slave boy!
Did you really think I wouldn't notice that bulge in your panties? It feels hard...I bet you won't mind if I just rub up...and down...and up...and down...Do you like that? Do you like the feeling of my fingers against your cock? Do you get turned on by getting touched through your panties? If you came, you'd make a big mess is those panties, and we just can't have that...now let me just rub a little bit more...and don't you dare to cum either... Keep begging, I love watching you degrade yourself more and more as your arousal increases, desperate for me to grant you release. I don't want you to cum. I want you to edge and edge and edge and edge in front of me, and then beg me to make you stop.

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